Monthly Archives: October, 2012

Festival Ali 707

One of the shorts in our “Interesting Individuals” program follows a man named Ali who is trapped in an Australian refugee prison. He keeps himself fit by endlessly running. “Ali 707” is a very charming short film about the strength of the human spirit and we were able to talk with writer/director Hannah Moore about being a first time director and what it was like to film such a physically demanding short.

Festival 3 Days of Normal

Many people just need a break, a few days to cool off and readjust your life. That’s what actress Nikki Gold realized on the brink of a career scandal so she stays in a small New Hampshire town longer than she expected in 3 Days of Normal. This film is one of our most delightful narratives we’re playing this year and we’re thrilled we were able to talk with director Ishai Setton about creating the right tone for this type of romantic comedy and how it’s possible to make a town a character in the film.