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Heartland Film News

Ava Memmen, a founding board member and tireless supporter of Heartland Truly Moving Pictures, passed away on September 19th, 2012. Ava was instrumental in starting the work of Heartland with her vision and giving. She brought passion, insight, and wonderful encouragement to the early days, helping build the strong foundation which allowed Heartland to grow into the work it is today. Ava served on the Board of Heartland until her passing

Festival Walk Tall

One of the biggest surprises of the year is the short “Wall Tall”. A short film about improving one’s posture seems like it would be a judging lecture instead of a silly exploration of a fascinating man. George Weedon was an Olympic gymnast in 1948 and today he teaches others about how to stay physically fit. Director Kate Sullivan tells his story with warmth and creativity. When she talked with us, Kate explained how she found George and what it took to make the really fun final scene. But before that, Kate wanted to say a few words to you!

Festival Caris Peace

Not many people know the name Caris Corfman, but her grace and talent enamored all of those who worked with her. Caris was a working actress in film, television and theatre before she was diagnosed with a brain tumor that cost Caris her short term memory. Director Gaylen Ross made a heartwarming documentary showing return to her return to her craft when she made a one-woman show about her life. We were able to talk to Gaylen about what it was like to film with Caris and what was the most important way to tell her story.

Festival 2012 Award Winners

The Heartland Film Festival celebrated and honored the world’s most talented and inspiring independent filmmakers during the 21st Annual Heartland Film Festival Awards Ceremony at the Old National Centre last night.

Heartland Film News Screening Room

What began with speakers brought in from home with a pull-up screen has turned into a state-of-the-art space with projection equipment, surround sound and custom lighting. Although the room looked amazing, one thing was missing: Acoustical sound treatment! Our friends at Auralex Acoustics came in and set us up with all the right treatments to give our guests the best moviegoing experience possible.

Festival Thief

The 2012 Heartland Film Festival is underway. We thought we’d step back a year and collect some insight from Julian Higgins, director of the Vision Award for Best Short Film winner, “Thief”.

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